The global food and agriculture ( agrifood ) sector is a huge $7.8 trillion industry, responsible for feeding the planet and employing well over 40% of the global population. Humans need to eat, and to eat safely, regardless of economic cycles. The potential for investing in this sector is enormous as food demand is expected to increase by up to 98% by 2050 with a growing global population reaching 9 billion in 2050.

Of particular interest is the growth of AgTech ( agriculture technology) where the need for innovation is greater than ever. This creates many opportunities for entrepreneurs and technologists to disrupt the agrifood industry and create new efficiencies at various points in the agrifood supply chain.

Farming,especially in Asia, has traditionally been hampered by small holdings, limited mechanisation and poor distribution systems. A long supply chain means agricultural products go through a number of middlemen between farmers and consumers.

There is a need for solutions at every stage of the agricultural supply chain, from on-farm technology to food processing and distribution systems.

Modern farming involves using new technologies such as drip irrigation, drones, remote plant sensors, big data analytics, real-time price tracking and financial management resulting in maximum acreage usage, increase productivity and reduced waste in the agrifood supply chain.

AFTech Global aims to identify , provide solutions and invests into promising global food, agriculture and AgTech opportunities and work directly with our resellers to market our products to consumers.

Our moringa plantation is a good example of identifying a niche agriculture product with global potential and utilising AgTech to increase production yields. At the same time, by working directly with our resellers, we are able to bypass a number of middlemen to reach our consumers. It is a win-win solution for everyone in the supply chain.