Moringa Plantation

1. Acreage : 1, 000 acres

2. Location : Thai plantation located about 4 hrs drive from Bangkok, area identified as suitable for moringa planting, with flat undulating land and existing irrigation canals. Area near to highway to Myanmar and Yunnan Province ( China ), which are the principal markets.

3. Area is supported with government facilities , quality seedlings source, quality fertiliser source , plenty of labour and expert professional assistance, etc.

4. Use of quality fertilisers and organic hormones.

5. The plantations will produce moringa beans ( vegetable ) , dried leaves ( tea ), powdered leaves ( herbal supplement ) , dried seeds ( herbal medicine), moringa oil ( for cosmetics and hair care ).

6. Each acre of land can accommodate around 280 moringa trees.

7. Trees will start producing after 6-8 months from planting. Each tree will produce on maturity ( after 1-1.5 years ) an average of 8-10 kg of beans per month.

8. Moringa trees has a lifespan of around 30-50 years. Pruning of branches is required every 5-6 years to maintain production. Moringa is a fast growing plant. Newly planted seedlings will reach a height of 2-3 metres and start producing beans after 8 months.


Year 1 :
– Land preparation and planting in Thailand. Small production of fresh beans in Thailand.

Year 2:
– Bigger production of fresh beans in Thailand.

Year 3:
– Bigger production of fresh beans in Thailand.
– Set up production factory to process dried leaves (as tea) , powdered leaves ( in capsules) , dried seeds ( in packets ) and moringa oil

Year 4 onwards:
– Continue production of fresh beans in Thailand.
– Expand sales and marketing of packaged products in Thailand, Malaysia, China and other countries around the world.


The business can grow exponentially as more and more people around the world discovers the health benefits of moringa. The immediate market is for fresh beans as vegetables in Myanmar and Yunnan, followed by dried leaves as tea, powdered leaves and dried seeds as herbal supplements, and moringa oil for skin and hair care. AFTech Global intends to invest aggressively in innovative marketing and promotions using social media and influencers to build branding and market share in Thailand, China, Malaysia and the rest of the world.