I dont gamble but I have been into a few money game platforms and lost a lot of money. These money game platforms are not secure and very risky. Last October I was invited to see AFTech Global’s moringa farm in Thailand where they harvest and sell moringa beans to Myanmar. AFTech Global is expanding their moringa farm to meet the huge demand in Myanmar.

Aftech Global has a Reseller Program for members. This is real business, not a money game or a get rich quick scheme. I participated in their Reseller Program which gives me good income . I introduced the Reseller Program to some of my friends and they like it because it is simple , easy to do and does not require much capital. The opportunity is huge and it is global. I highly recommend the business to everyone!


I graduated in computer science but I am into marketing for 19 years. I dream big and always wanted to build something big. But in reality, it’s never easy to meet such opportunities. I failed many times, opening and closing many businesses, until I almost give up.

But when I came to know about AFTech Global, I saw the opportunity and it’s capability to achieve what I call something big. To be honest, I have never come across such a business model. It truly beats all the other business plans in the market. And the timing is perfect for the next many months with the MCO in Malaysia due to Covid19. Online network marketing is the future and I am excited to be part of it. I highly recommend this business to everyone who has limited capital and who wants to build a global business from home.


I was formerly the Private Secretary to the Deputy Minister of Federal Territory ( 2017-2018). I joined AFTech Global’s Reseller Program because I can see the potential in building a consistent and active income. It is not a heavy investment to kick start your own business. There are 4 packages, starting from as low as Rm1, 000. It is in the agriculture and food industry where there is always demand. As we know every one needs to eat no matter if you’re rich or poor! So knowing this , it was easy for me to approach my contacts, starting with my family and close friends.

I just shared with them the product, simple info about the company and the potential income awaiting them if they venture into this business. I started sharing with 1 and it grew to a few. I have positive feedbacks from people that I shared and a few have signed up and there are a few in progress. I believe if AFTech Global works for me it sure can work for anyone!


I am from a finance background working with multinational companies for more than 10 years.

I have always dreamed of quitting my nine-to-five job to run my own business. I’ve considered many small businesses but when you have no direction and plenty of ideas , it is difficult to consider which one is the appropriate one to start. You always think of the risk rather than the success rate of the business .

After I met AFTech Global, I realise this is the business platform I have been looking for. My capital is guaranteed, practically no risk in doing this business.

AFTech Global is an agriculture company with many upcoming projects using technology in modern farming. With AFTech Global’s Reseller Program, I can forsee myself achieving financial freedom in a short period of time. I have no hesitation recommending AFTech Global’s Reseller Program to anyone. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!


I am a real estate agent and have participated in AFTech Global’s Reseller Program led by Dato Calvin. I am confident of the potential that AFTech Global has to offer with a very smart and effective business platform for my future!

As we know at the moment, our country and other countries around the world have been plagued with the outbreak of Covid-19 . The entire nation has been given a “Movement Control Oder” (MCO) by the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Our movements are restricted but we still need income to sustain our daily livelihood. With AFTech Global’s business plaform, I can still earn income sitting at home during the MCO period as it is totally online!

AFTech Global also offers free consultation and support to help you start a business at low cost. I am very confident of the business and would recommend it to everyone who wants to be their own boss!


I am a restaurant and swimming academy owner. I can see the huge potential of AFTech Global after I visited their farm in Bangkok, Thailand.

During this pandemic caused by Covid-19 , both my restaurant and swimming academy business were locked down due to the MCO by the government. But with AFTech Global, I’m still closing sales and have many enquires regarding the business. This has made me more confident than ever before. Everyone needs food , hunger can kill you before the virus.

If you are struggling during this current economic downturn , make an appointment with us. We offer free consultation and can help you start a low cost business that can grow without boundaries. I highly recommend this business, you have nothing to lose !


A few months ago, I was at the lowest point of my life because my business failed. I met my leader Calvin by chance and he introduced me to AFTech Global’s Reseller Program.

I personally visited AFTech Global’s moringa plantation in Thailand and learned about the potential of of the moringa plant. I found that AFTech Global is a reliable business with unlimited opportunities. Now, I have a new goal in life and I hope to build my own successful business as an AFTech Global Reseller and achieve my dreams of financial freedom!

As for those of you who are looking for low cost and high potential business opportunities, I would say “ Why not give AFTech Global a try? “ It can change your life!


I am a property agent and also do sales in construction material for the past 10 years.

Before I joined AFTech Global , I was brought by my leader Calvin to see their farm in Thailand. I was not sure what they were doing and I don’t believe in MLM and I always hear stories about scams and money games so I just went to have a look see.

When I saw AFTech Global’s moringa farm, I started to know more about moringa, which I never heard of before. I found that moringa is a miracle plant with a lot of health benefits . It contains a lot of vitamin A,B,C , etc and it can help improve our body’s immune system.

On the business side, AFTech Global has a great marketing plan for their Resellers. It is very easy to understand and it has very good payout. It is a very good platform for us to do business.

Lastly, another reason I join AFTech is because we work as a family. My leaders are always there to help and guide me. The key to success is the right platform and the right leader to follow.

Thank you AFTech Global for bringing wealth and health for all of us!


I am a real estate agent and have been working as a car service consultant at UMW TOYOTA for the past few years.

Recently, my real estate leader Calvin Wong introduced to me the business opportunity by AFTECH GLOBAL . It is a low-entry and risk-free agricultural reseller business opportunity. And it only takes a few easy steps to join the platform which allows resellers to earn income.

I highly recommend this platform to everyone who has limited capital and who wants to own his or her online network marketing business .