Examples of AgTech Applications

Farm network help farmers harness data

Farmers Business Network (FBN)

Users: 5,000 farms
Acres covered: 16M

FBN allows farmers to anonymously share data about everything from seed performance to chemical pricing to help farmers make informed decisions.


Users: 700 farms
Acres covered: 1.3M

Farmobile makes a sensor that collects agronomic data from farm equipment. This data is stored in Farmobile platform and can be sold by users.


Users: 686K small farmers
Acres covered: Undisclosed

WeFarm is a peer-to-peer social network for small rural farmers in developing countries. The network allows farmers to share data and ask questions over SMS text.

Dupont’s Granular combines farm management and farm-to-farm connections

Granular offers a full farm management platform, with network-like farm data sharing options.

Granular Farm Management Software

Better Decision for your Farm

Sensors are now common throughout farming.


Farms uses sensors to monitor soil and plant health.

Aerial Imaging

Aerial Imaging captures data on crop yields, plant health, and irrigation needs.


Machine attached sensors capture data on equipment per performance and crop conditions.

Ground-based sensors provid comprehensive, precise crop data.

Plant/soil Metrics

• Crop health monitoring
• Irrigation management
• Soil health management
• Pest management

Animal Monitoring

• Animal health
• Fertility
• Herd location

Weather Forecasting

• Weather forecasting
• Moisture sensing

Advanced aerial imaging is now possible

Drones can fly at low speeds and altitude to capture crop data. Startups have focused on developing sensors for drone platforms,rather than the drones themselves.

Advances in LIDAR and remote sensing have improved ficed-wing arrial imaging. Traditional aircraft can cover greater distances at higher speeds.

Satellites can cover huge areas in one image. Hyperspectral imaging has improved the granulariy of satellite imaging.

Equipment-based sensors collect agronomic, machine performance data

Agronomic data

Farmobile’s sensor attaches sto farm equipment to capture agronomic data

Machine Efficiency

Karnott, a life France based startup, makes a sensor that calculates equipment mechanization loads.

Startups are leveraging AI to improve a range of farm decision making

Crop Simulations

Analytics software can be used to model crop growth and environmental simulations. CiBo offers a range of products that simulate complex crop dynamics.

Weather Analytics

Weather data can be a powerful tool in farming. Weather Analytics offers analytics software that helps farmers make crop forecasts based on weather conditions.

Farm Ops

Machine learning can help automate and enforce crop growing operations. Prospera uses analytics to optimize irrigation, fertilization and planting.

Robotics is automating agriculture.

From built in guidance on Deere tractors…

Deere tractors offer AutoTrac Vision is a machine vision system that keeps tractors on track, preventing crop damage.

To robotic material handling

Harvest Automation’s flagship product is a robotic plant handling machine for nurseries.

Fully autonomous tractors are a step closer.

Fully autonomous tractors are not yet a reality but equipment provider Case IH brought them a step closer with its 2016 cab-less concept.

A few startups have designed ag-specific drones.

Crop spraying

DJI, a shenzhen-based drone company makes an octocopter drone for chemical spraying


American Robotics designed a multipurpose drone for farming

Decision making will go down to the plant level

Blue River Technologies’ system use AI and machine vision enable decision making at the plant level. This is indicative of where agtech is taking farming